About us

Andrema Invest OÜ was founded in 2006. From the starting point we aim to climb higher and we are in constant development, considering our clients expectations and wishes.


Our main field of operations is lorry and trailers maintenance, repair and body repair.

Our goals

Our goal is to provide the widest possible professional service at a reasonable price.

About us

The company Andrema Invest Ltd was established in the year of 2006. From the moment of establishment, we are constantly evolving, considering customer's expectations and desires. We are specializing in tencks and trailers, maintenance, repair and body repair. Currently, nine employees are employed at the same time providing an opportunity to serve a large number of vehicles. All our employees have experience in this field for over 10 years while complementing themselves in different courses.

Workshop can accommodate more than 10 vehicles, and have been equipped with modern machinery and working tools, allowing to provide comprehensive and high quality service.

We aim to offer our clients a wide range of professional assistance with tencks and trailers maintenance, repair and spare parts in the field.

Andrema Invest OÜ team

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